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[Photo top left by Patrick Cline for Lonny, August-September 2010 (the Rachel Ashwell story),  brass tack shown bottom left via Horton Brasses, chocolate linen via B & J, nailhead shown top right via True Value Hardware.]

I've been gathering tangible supplies along with inspirational images for my own interpretation of Page's and Shane's cloth-covered work table. It looks like rich chocolate-brown linen will be my choice for the desktop, but the video description of B & J's alternate brights is accurate; if you're interested in making a waterproof craft table for a child's room, there are fun school-bus-yellows and Popsicle-oranges. 

 [Textile-covered trunk from Guinevere in London.]

While browsing hardware stores and my go-to place, Horton Brasses, for nailheads, I came across nice reproduction pieces for trunks. Interesting only because last year, when I posted some of Guinevere's trunks covered in antique linen, a few friends contemplated doing thier own DIY version with a flea market find. So, I thought I'd follow up, albeit a year and a half later, with this Horton link


simone leblanc said...

that trunk is amazing!

Angie said...

I actually scored a couple of these trunks off the sidewalk!!! They are in need of a makeover so thanks for the link! ;)

Style Court said...

That's great Angie! Good luck with the project.

Simone, happy you like it too.

Emile de Bruijn said...

Ah, and a brown canvas backdrop to your masthead today, how witty.

Style Court said...

Emile, you noticed !

The Peak of Chic said...

I can't wait to see your work table once it's complete. Love your choice of chocolate brown linen; I think you will never tire of it!

Elsbeth said...

Oh, such a wonderful idea! Might borrow this one. Are you going to use brass corners on your worktable?

Style Court said...

Thanks J!

Elsbeth -- I think just brass tacks all around, like in the video but I did contemplate corners :)