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Dreams Contained

[Marbled box picture courtesy Stefan Hurray.]

I still think following Washington, D.C. architect Stefan Hurray's lead and making one's own marbled dream box, binder, or even "from scratch" marbled paper, is most rewarding (and chic!) but John Derian's new collection of marbled desk accessories for Target (highlighted in the September issue of Lonny) offers not-so-hands-on-types an instant gratification alternative for a price that's less, in some cases, than the cost of buying supplies.

[Image of Derian's collection via Lonny September 2010.]

I especially like Derian's two-tier wooden box with drawers and couldn't resist posting this Lonny image because the beautiful marbled pattern he chose is so suggestive of wonderful antique end-papers as well as this recently posted book from the library at The Mount.

[Photo by Kevin Sprague via The Mount.]

Prices for the marbled items in the Target line debuting September 5 range from about $6 to $24.

Reminder:  The Veatchs Arts of the Book offers rare titles on marbling and papermaking such as the 19th-century book, On Improvements in Marbling the Edges of Books and Paper, and James Sumner's The Mysterious Marbler.

Read all about Stefan's dream box here.


charkstudios said...

I tried marbling paper, when I lived in England, with an old tin tub and oil paints mixed with turpentine that floated mysteriously on top of the water. Can use a stick to swirl the patterns around!

Give it a go!


Karena said...

I adore John Derian's designs. Stefan's box also turned out beautifully!!


Art by Karena

Style Court said...

And there's something so chic about Stefan's, since he made it himself!

A House and Home said...

Ever since I was a kid, I have always loved old or handcrafted boxes. Most of the ones I love are small. I love this idea of keeping dreams in a box...mostly I keep earrings in old cigar boxes in my living room...or my grandmother's old jewelry in an old box left to me by my grandfather. It feels like they are talking to me when I open it...

Gramercy Home said...

I can't wait to see these in person. I bet they look great and you can't beat those prices. I'm such a sucker for marble paper!

Kim said...

gorgeous! i wish i had the ability to create such things!

Janet said...

Once in college I tried my hand at marbled paper, and learned very quickly exactly what an art it is! Just beautiful!

Mélanie A. said...

I adore Derian's designs . I would love to have such ability

ArchitectDesign™ said...

I am just back from vacation (hence my late comment) and just visited John's shop in Provincetown (where I was vacationing) which was chic as always and he had marbelized tote bags for only $28! I sadly didn't get one becuase they were a bit small and 'pursey' but hopefully Target will carry some in larger sizes? Great for grocery shopping or toting things around. I can't wait for this collection to reach Target next month!