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August Rush

[Late 19th-century marbled paper, Dahlia pattern, University of Washington Libraries.]

This is a blast from the past but I love these marbled papers as a segue into late summer. The pattern of the old book cover above is called Dahlia (an August kind of bloom) and according to the University of Washington Libraries, the book has endsheets which match the covers.

UWL says the pattern was apparently created with a Zebra base somewhat similar to the pattern below. Another color mixed with ox gall would have been thrown onto a 'paper bath,'  followed by a second color 'swirled' through a sieve onto the bath. As a final step, "a third color was then sprinkled onto the top, creating flower-like patterns reminiscent of the Dahlia."

[18th century Spot Comb pattern, University of Washington Libraries.]

[Photo by Kevin Sprague via The Mount.]

Here's an amazing marbled cover on a volume from the library at The Mount. By the way, there are still plenty of great pre-fall events happening there.

 [The Mount stables photographed by David Dashiell.]

For example, The Wharton Salon, performing the author's Summer through August, and a variety of lectures.

Laurence Bergreen, author of Marco Polo: From Venice to Xanadu, speaks August 2. Award-winning landscape historian and author Judith Tankard presents On Garden Design: Beatrix Farrand and Edith Wharton August 16.

Images of weddings at The Mount are here. Thanks Janet Blyberg for originally introducing me to the UWL database!

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Boxwood Terrace said...

Beautiful papers and that book cover steals the show. The Mount is one of my favorite places to visit, especially in the fall.

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Love the papers. August Rush is a good movie too.

Style Court said...

Boxwood -- Thanks for stopping by. I'm sure it's amazing in the fall. Wish I could get up there soon!

Laura -- Yes, sweet movie :)

Gramercy Home said...

Two of my favorite things (I do have a lot) - marble paper and dahlias! I wish book covers today used that gorgeous paper.