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A World of Our Own Invention

[Screen grab from Bright Star directed by Jane Campion.]

With that sharp mind of hers, I always know even the briefest, most casual email from Mary Laura Philpott is going to offer some sort of keen observation (usually along with a great laugh).

When I saw her name in my inbox this afternoon, my energy level perked up.  She had finally rented Bright Star a few nights ago and settled in with her husband to savor the "feast for the eyes and the ears."

[Fanny Brawne’s needlecase wallet and bodkin from the collection of Keats House.]

While I spent an embarrassing amount of time last year (and on into 2010) commenting on the tufted leather sofa seen throughout the film, Mary Laura's response was to jot down her favorite lines spoken by Ben Wishaw (as John Keats) and tack them next to her computer.

We have woven a web, you and I,
attached to this world,
but a world of our own invention.

You must cut the threads for me.

Obviously the words refer to an intense romantic relationship. Mary Laura, a skilled writer, reminded me though that it's broader than that. It's about the creative process too. "Attached to this world, but a world of our own invention" resonates with artists, creative writers, musicians, and filmmakers. Her thoughts dovetail nicely with the ideas scholar Craig Hanson shared with us in the last post of '09 (his words come toward the end).

Paper Source's  "rustic batik" decorative paper is made using a wax-resist dyeing technique and has green and turquoise veins. To some, the lines may suggest veined marble. Today I saw a beautiful web.

More on making your own envelope liners here

Batik: 75 Selected Masterpieces is currently discounted over at Hennessey Ingalls.  Click here to visit the Smend Collection's official site.


P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

That is a beautiful quote and it does resonate. How beautifully you always weave the threads for us. The batik collage is gorgeous Courtney- I would give anything for that wallet. pgt

Things That Inspire said...

Love that quote - is it related to anything that Keats wrote, or is it from the minds of the screenwriters?

Style Court said...

Great question. To be honest, I'm not sure. More reading is required on my part. Or maybe a 19th century lit major will help us out. It's said in conversation, not read as part of a poetry session but I thought maybe Campion took it from something he wrote at some point.

Thank you!