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What a Girl Wants

[Click to enlarge. Union Jack chest photographed by Sarah Dorio.]

If you followed yesterday's link to the Betsy Burnham feature over at Decor Demon, you probably read the back-story on her daughter Carson's Union Jack chest. Learning the Amanda Bynes connection, I immediately thought about the UK-based tween/teen flick, What a Girl Wants, and how colorful West Wycombe, the early-18th-century Italianate country house built by Sir Francis Dashwood, figures prominently in the movie along with other design heavyweights.

[The South Colonnade at West Wycombe, based on Palladio's Palazzo Chiericati, Vicenza. ©NTPL/Andrew Butler.]

Several years ago, something possessed me to post an image of West Wycombe with only a quick listing of a few films shot on location there. Three involved Colin Firth: The Importance of Being Earnest; one of the Bridget Jones's; and What a Girl Wants,  But Emile de Bruijn of the National Trust's blog, Treasure Hunt, currently offers a series of really interesting, in-depth Wycombe posts.  And now since I have classical architecture on my mind, I'll recommend the Architecure Tourist's terrific round-up of Italianate and other European-influenced houses and institutional buildings in Atlanta. Click here for more.

[Exhibition catalog cover, Anglomania, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2006; Photo of Max Humphrey courtesy Instant Space; Detail view of Becky Oldfield via Selvedge, issue 30.] 

A tad more Anglomania and Union Jack love can be found here and here.

[Still from A Single Man by Eduard Grau / Weinstein Co. via the L.A. Times.]

Speaking of Colin Firth, don't forget A Single Man is finally available to rent. Related past mention here.

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Emile de Bruijn said...

Thanks for the mention, Courtney. As it happens, I have just done a post inspired by the jacket Ewan McGregor is wearing in the image shown in your previous post.