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Transitive Geographies

 [Annie Butrus, Parade of Homes Greystone Trees, 11”x 14”, oil on panel, 2001.]

If during the next few weeks you find yourself hanging out in the South Carolina Low Country, consider stopping by the Rebecca Randall Bryan Gallery on the campus of Coastal Carolina University.  Transitive Geographies: Contemporary Visions of an Evolving South, a beautiful, very visually stimulating and thought provoking exhibition originally organized by curator Shannon Morris of Georgia College,  is on view at the South Carolina school through August 27.

Long-time readers may remember that in several past posts I mentioned this show as it evolved, with Shannon bringing together four creative women with distinct connections to the ever-changing Southern landscape: Annie Kammerer Butrus, Cynthia Farnell, Donna Mintz and Michel Varisco.  For a little background, click here and here.

BTW: Rebecca Randall Bryan Gallery is open during the summer Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. but closed Fridays, weekends and University holidays.

[Annie Kammerer Butrus, Peach Tree Trail: Summer, Dublin Farms.]

In response to a reader, Annie Butrus is represented in Atlanta by Thomas Deans. To see all related past blog posts, click here and keep scrolling down. (And enjoy!)


Maggie May said...

Parade Of just mesmerizing, soothing.

Unknown said...

Maggie May,

If you enjoy Parade of Homes, you should also see Annie's larger and more abstract works.

It's hard not to be a fan.


Style Court said...

Absolutely! Just click on Annie's name in the body of the post or click on the "Annie" label at the bottom. So many abstracts to see.