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Ptolemy Mann

[Ptolemy Mann photographed by Laurie Fletcher, Restaurant Magazine, September 2004. Full view below.]

Traveling from the 19th century to the 21st, I thought I'd follow up on the last batch of posts with a link to London-based contemporary artist, textile designer, journalist, color consultant and home cook extraordinaire, Ptolemy Mann. 

[Ptolemy Mann's indigo linen for Christopher Farr.]

After seeing the Colors of the Oasis preview, it's especially interesting to look at Mann's hand-dyed and woven textile art, as well as her digitally printed linen "Ikats" for Christopher Farr. Although her woven panels are modern in style, the process behind them is distinctly old-school, involving weeks of strenuous activity at her enormous loom. And she flexes her mental muscles too; since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 1997, Mann has also become a respected color consultant. Architects and interior designers seek her guidance on both interior and exterior color statements. Specializing in healthcare settings, she's used the power of color to help stressed hospital visitors find their way through corridors, and to help patients feel more at ease.

[Photo by Nicole Rowntree as seen in The Sunday Times, November 2007.]

On top of all that, her rose-geranium cake -- said to make men weak in the knees -- has been featured in The Sunday Times.  More on the very grown-up cake here.

[Panel, Central Asia, Uzbekistan, Bukhara, mid to third quarter 19th century, The Textile Museum, The Megalli Collection.]

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