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Harpies, Mermaids, Hideaways, and Red Doors

New to my sidebar list comprised of what I hope are useful links is Textile Muse. This free online research tool enables everyone to explore the vast collection of the Jenkins Library at The Textile Museum in Washington, D.C.

Curious about Greek embroidery?  Textile Muse will point you toward Harpies, Mermaids, and Tulips and much more. (The library site is not commercial; I incorporated the link to the museum's shop because this particular title is sold there.)

I receive a lot of email related to the right-hand column, so once or twice a year I put my long-time readers to sleep by sharing a repeat explanation for the newcomers.  Basically the sidebar has been evolving here for over four years. I try to keep it filled with educational links but some images and/or sites are added just for the joy of it. Case in point: The Society Inc.'s red door, via Anthropologie, with a corresponding link to the web feature, Into the Lighthouse.

Recently I read something over at The Anthropologist that happens to sum up the main intent behind SC's list. I'm paraphrasing, but the gist was that sharing sources of creativity usually sparks it in new places.  And, truth be told, the search box at the top of the blog can be hit or miss so I'm heavy-handed with my label list. I access it myself nearly every day to find an older image or link. Last night I was searching for a specific shot of this boutique hotel's interior taken by David Cicconi and published in Meg Nolan's 2008 book, Italian Hideaways. Hope one of the links lights your creative fire.

 [Window Grille, 15th century. Iran. Gift of Arthur Upham Pope, 1931.468. Art Institute of Chicago. ]

Update 6:28 p.m.
Speaking of sharing, Janet Blyberg, perhaps the most generous woman in the blogosphere and a never ending source of inspiration, just sent me a link to a new exhibition of Persian art at The Art Institute of Chicago.

[Screen grab from Bright Star directed by Jane Campion.]

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Terry said...

When I saw that picture my brain said "Bourne Identity." Wonder where it is?

Style Court said...


Ha! Probably too obscure. My oddball brain. I just think of the Greek islands at the end of the movie :)

Style Court said...

I need to go back and link to Terry's series on doors too!