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Color Stories

 [Carmen Chaplin and Ewan MacGregor in The Serpent's Kiss, art direction by Chris Lowe.]

The Serpent's Kiss is a lush 1997 film that doesn't seem to generate tons of chatter on design blogs but visually it has it all: the architecture, the gardens, and the mesmerizing use of color. Well, mesmerizing to me. Many subtle shades run through the movie and they give the richer, more sumptuous colors and textures even greater intensity. The look skews toward handsome, rather than pretty. Set in late 17th century England, the story revolves in part around chaos versus order (or freedom versus restriction, depending on your point of view) and the themes are echoed well with the art direction. Watch the trailer here.

Shifting from an isolated English estate circa 1699 to Betsy Burnham's 21st century California home, here are more green walls for the design files. Sarah Dorio shot a bunch of fun images of Burnham bedrooms belonging to Betsy's teens -- daughter, Carson, and son, Will -- and Brian Patrick Flynn wrote and directed the accompanying story for Decor Demon. Take it all in and learn about “Ivy Enchantment” here.

[Australian guide Sibella Court and Keith Johnson at The Society Inc., as featured in Man Shops Globe, from Sundance Channel.]

In more of an indigo mood? Visit Sibella Court here now and don't forget to tune in next week for episode three of Man Shops Globe's second season.

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CDS said...

what a great dresser!

Mrs. Blandings said...

Don't you think Man Shops Globe is hitting its stride? Less frenetic scurrying about and more hunting and interaction. I loved tonight's episode and am enchanted by those felt dogs.

The Peak of Chic said...

I'm not familiar with that movie at all, but I'm definitely going to rent it. The premise sounds interesting, not to mention the art direction.