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Two Wilsons and Two Puckettes

[Screengrabs from Wes Anderson's 2001 film The Royal Tenenbaums.]

If you've spent much time pouring over Vogue Living: Houses, Gardens, People (2007 edition), you probably already know that Wes Anderson wanted to film scenes for The Royal Tenenbaums in the Cobble Hill, Brooklyn townhouse of artists Elliott Puckette and Hugo Guinness. The couple's 19th-century place was too narrow though, so Anderson re-created the house nearby and installed some of Puckette's paintings.

Last night when I opened the book (follow up mania), a stray tear sheet from Miguel Flores-Vianna's earlier Elle Decor story popped out. 

[Photography by Anita Calero, Elle Decor October 2000.]

I think these are the only two views that I haven't already posted at some point during the past few years. Anita Calero's photography seems to capture the elements that attracted Anderson, and it's interesting to focus on all the white, because when the subject of set design and The Royal Tenenbaums comes up, this saturated wallpaper understandably tends to grab the spotlight.

Remember the bedroom? Puckette's real one, that is. As it looked ten years ago with the Brigitte Singh quilt?

Aleta Bartel-Orton currently has in stock some similar bedspreads and just the other day she told me to watch her site over the next few weeks for expanded offerings.

[Both images above via Little Augury. Photo on the right by Missy McLamb .]

But back to Puckette's art, major fans will want to see Little Augury's past post (and there are other obscure mentions of Puckette's less known projects here and here).

All tear sheets in one place here.


mamacita said...

One of my favorite things from that Vogue shoot was the Itching Powder they had placed on a dresser. Too funny -- though with all those plants around, you thought "maybe they really do use it."

Caitlin McGauley said...

Thank you for this insight! Her townhouse is timeless. My favorite is the green velvet curtains. Not to mention the billowing moody paintings.

Janet said...

I still have that copy of Elle Decor, kept because of Puckette's fabulous house. Such easy elegeance. What wouldn't I give for one of her works on paper....