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Suzanis in Exile

[Suzani from Uzbekistan via Christine Brown's lecture and R. John Howe. Image of the South of France via French Riviera.]

Last night I saw the candid documentary, Stones in Exile (clearly I wasn't catching up on my reading). For so long I've heard about the elusive book Exile, a volume of photographs by French photographer Dominique Tarlé, but I've never seen a copy in person.

[Detail view, Grey Crawford photograph of Schuyler Samperton's coffee table as seen in Elle Decor, 2003.]  

In the summer of 1971, Tarlé photographed the Stones living and recording in exile in the South of France at the infamous Villa Nellcôte.  I was curious about the aesthetics and wondered how much of Nellcôte would be shown in the film. (Actually, if you have one serious music history fan and one design fan trying to agree on something to watch, it's a good rental.) To my surprise, I spotted a few suzanis in the background. I know. Who notices suzanis while watching Stones in Exile?

This suzani is not from the documentary, it's from Christine Brown's Tree of Life lecture at the Textile Museum covered by R. John Howe. In her talk, Brown dealt with design elements associated with many different interpretations of the tree of life. She looked at textiles, miniature painting, sculpture and other media; most of what she said, along with her slides, can be seen here.

Visit Atlas Gallery to see a selection of Tarlé photographs to be exhibited July 15 through August 31.

Update 6.28.09
My July issue of HB just arrived and quickly flipping through the pages I noticed that Schuyler Samperton suggests using a vintage tree of life textile as a shower curtain -- it looks great.

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