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Summer Reading

[John Guy's book available through]

Usually I'm talking about Indian textiles that were (and still are) all the rage in the West.  But there's another side to the story. For longer than a millennium the fabric also went in the opposite direction, traded in Southeast and East Asia for spices and forest products. Some of the textiles most coveted in the East included expensive tie-dyed silk patolas (a type of double ikat) and lively cotton chintzes.  John Guy's book, Woven Cargoes: Indian Textiles in the East, offers a complete overview. It's not a new title by any means but it seems to be an essential for design libraries and my goal is to finally read it this summer. A paperback edition came out last year.

FYI: Guy was formerly Senior Curator of the Asian Department at the V & A and currently he is the Met's curator of South and Southeast Asian Art.

Over at the TAPI Collection I noticed a little preview (tiny, actually) of a hopefully soon-to-be-released book, Peonies & Pagodas: Embroidered Parsi Textiles.

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