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Sarongs, Batiks, and More Summer Reading

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In 2004 the National Gallery of Australia launched one of its most monumental exhibitions, Sari to Sarong: 500 years of Indian and Indonesian textile exchange.  Many of the stunning Indian textiles traded to the Indonesian islands over the centuries can still be seen on the museum's site, but there is also a beautiful accompanying catalog.

Woman's skirt cloth
[kain sarong] 1900-25
Batavia (Jakarta), Java, Indonesia
Textile, cotton, natural dyes
Technique: hand-drawn batik
National Gallery of Australia

Ceremonial cloth and sacred heirloom
[Palampore] late 19th century
featuring Tree of Life motif flanked by animals
Masulipatam, Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh, India
Textile, handspun cotton, natural dyes and mordants
Technique: mordant block printing, pigment painting
National Gallery of Australia

Another book that's said to have excellent color printing and is often described as a great addition to the textile lover's library: Batik: 75 Selected Masterpieces: The Rudolf G. Smend Collection. Here's the link to the Smend Collection's official site.

Late 19th-century sarong from North Coast of Java, detail view
Smend Collection

Sarong detail, circa 1880
Smend Collection


La Maison Fou said...

Love these wovens fabrics and printed batik's. Lovely colors and prints.

Such summer fabrics to me.


Style Court said...


Glad the prints say summer to you too! That's what I was hoping.

the loaded trunk said...

Thanks for last 2 recommendations Both books sit in a large pile at home and have been tools and provided inspiration for many of my trips and purchases.Great selections keep them coming.