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Carpet Ride

Janet Blyberg and Craig Hanson both have been sharing their summer study experiences with the blogosphere so I think I'm pining to be off doing something similar, hence all the references to beautiful but weighty, scholarly tomes that aren't exactly poolside reading -- at least not for conventional people. Here's yet another title for the wishlist: Berber Carpets of Morocco: The Symbols. Origin and Meaning.

According to the publisher, artists including Paul Klee and Le Corbusier have long been inspired by the artistic merits of Berber carpets but this book investigates the origins of the textiles from a new angle. The author, Dr. Bruno Barbatti, explores Berber design motifs, tracing them back to the Neolithic period in Asia Minor. I've had a peek at some of the illustrations and they really are striking. Again, it' not everyone's idea of summer fare but, to paraphrase the book jacket, if you are passionate about textiles and curious about language and the earliest forms of art, you might want to look for this one at your local library.

On Saturday, June 26 at 10:30 a.m., author and collector Raoul Tschebull will be at the Textile Museum as part of Rug & Textile Appreciation Morning to discusses two dozen pile and flatwoven transport and storage bags or panels from Luristan, Fars and Chahar Mahal. Free; no reservations required.


Laura Casey Interiors said...

Such a fan of textiles, right up my alley for summer reading.

Style Court said...

Laura, glad to hear I'm not the only one who considers this summer reading :)

Janet said...

I wish you the most magical of carpet rides, wherever you wish to go...full of crepe myrtle and blue hydrangeas! May summer bring you something lovely.

Style Court said...

Thank you Janet! Your photography gives us all a virtual escape.