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Recycling Day

[Detail view. Simon Upton photo of Courtney Daniels Haden's house as seen in Elle Decor, January/February 2010. Full view below.]

In the mood to revisit Courtnay Daniels Haden's art collection (she has provocative works by Kara Walker, Natasha Law, and Tracey Emin juxtaposed with traditional antiques), I started flipping through Elle Decor, January/February 2010.  My eyes went right to the Victorian slipper chairs in Haden's San Francisco bedroom and the accompanying caption in Jaime Gross's story that explains Haden covered the pieces in Clarence House fabric salvaged from her mother's bedroom walls. 

Wait. Her mother's bedroom? That rang a bell. 

[Click to enlarge.]

Could it be the Virginia bedroom photographed by Tria Giovan and published in Southern Accents April 1998? (See full image above left and detail view below.)

I've always loved the story Lindsay Bierman wrote about the Rheinstein-decorated Virginia farm.

 [Tria Giovan for Southern Accents 1998.]

Thinking about Lindsay's style, I had to go to my archives and read his three wishes again.

[Carson Journal by Frye.]

Last year I attempted to do my own version of Pannonica de Koenigswarter's book, Les Musiciens de Jazz et Leurs Trois Voeux.  Some of the collected wishes, Lindsay's included, were posted on SC.  His thoughts about contentment resonate with me now more than ever so I think I'll reinterpret them as personal goals for summer 2010.  If you have a second, take a glance and see if you have the same reaction.  

[Wild horse on Cumberland Island via LynnMohd2 on Flickr.]

Link of interest: Architecture on Cumberland Island.

 [Dungeness ruins on Cumberland photographed by Jung-Pang Wu. Click here for Washington Post story.]


Lisa said...

What a beautiful chair and what a fantastic way to reuse some gorgeous fabric!

Maggie May said...

the wild horse is amazing in those grasses

Capella Kincheloe Interior Design said...

I am constantly in awe of your memory and talent to weave stories and thoughts together.

Style Court said...

Capella, you are kind. I also have a knack for hitting publish late at night then waking to see embarrassing typos!

Have a great day.

Lindsay Bierman said...

that photo of the Daniels garden with the of my all-time faves. We got three amazing stories out of that house: the main residence, the garden, and the guest house, all shot by Tria Giovan. The living room with its rush matting and peachy glazed walls still feels as fresh right now as it did in 1998--timeless, elegant, ethereal Southern beauty. Thanks for this post!

Janet said...

Courtney! What a sharp eye you have. I love seeing this connection between the generations...a reverence for textiles well loved.

And poor Dungeness...burned not once, but twice!

Cote de Texas said...

you are an eagle eye! i always loved that house! disappointed at myself for not recognizing the connection!! did you happen to notice who produced the story???? hehe - Suzanne's daughter kate!!! Thanks for the detective work.

Style Court said...

Joni -- I know! I did notice Kate's name. But I bet you can identify the floral. I can't! I'd have to ask Lindsay or Karen about that :)