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He's Back

[Images via Sundance Channel.]

Anthropologie's buyer-at-large, Keith Johnson, is on the road again, searching for interesting artists, craftspeople, and off-the-beaten-path finds for the home.

Starting tonight on Sundance Channel we can all come along for the ride with eight new episodes of his documentary-style series, Man Shops Globe. I was super-excited to learn that in Wednesday's premier episode Keith will be shopping for textiles in Thailand (ties in perfectly with my summer reading!).

[John Guy's book available through]

So that's Sundance Channel, Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT.


GB said...

Thanks- I have to watch this!

Mrs. Blandings said...

Hooray! Thanks for the heads up.


Oh thank goodness I visited you today, Courtney! I didn't even know if they were going to do the series again. Talk about the best job in the world!

Decorno said...

I love it when he goes with his sister-in-law. She's fantastic.

Clayton Gray Home said...

thank you too - didn't know there was another season - off to set my DVR!

Lee said...

We don't get the station. I would happily travel with this man and be his assistant for no wages. What an experience.

Style Court said...

Lee, if you have access to iTunes you can purchase the episodes. I don't have many cable stations either :)