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Here's another edition to add to the growing file of interesting book covers: Indonesian Textiles, a Tai Gallery/Textile Arts publication with special handwoven cover. Cost is $60 including shipping. Copies are also available without the cover for $40.

Above, a detail view of a 17th-century resist and mordant dyed handspun cotton heirloom textile/ Ma'a made in Gujarat, India and collected in Sulawesi, Indonesia. (From the gallery's 30th Anniversary Textile Exhibition in 2009.) Full view below.

[All images above via Tai Gallery/Textile Arts.]

Turning to albums and logos, click here to listen to designer John Pasche describe how a piece of Indian art influenced the iconic logo he created for the Rolling Stones in 1971. Today the graphic design is in the V & A's permanent collection.


Barbara Wells Sarudy said...

Love these Indian textile posts! Thank you. Barbara

Terry said...

The view in Mr. Pasche's inteview: The Victoria and Albert Museum? I want to be in the room with that view.

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Terry my thoughts exactly!

Barbars, I'm so glad!

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