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Coming and Going

[Photography left and bottom by Anita Calero. Elliott Puckette untitled lithograph available through Paul Kasmin Gallery.]

With all the times I've mentioned Anita Calero's photography for the October 2000 Elle Decor story on the Cobble Hill house shared by artists Elliott Puckette and Hugo Guinness, it's funny that I forgot to pause and add that Miguel Flores-Vianna wrote and produced the piece. No wonder I liked it so much and saved the tear sheets for a decade.

[Click to enlarge. Photography at top left by Anita Calero. Note the African textile in front of the fireplace. Elliott Puckette exhibition catalogs available through Paul Kasmin Gallery.]

Another thing I wish I'd posted earlier: news of The Allure of the East, an exhibition at the Huntsville Museum of Art that closed May 30. The show juxtaposed Asian and Western art, and one of Puckette's somewhat calligraphic-like lithographs was on view along with Sanskrit manuscripts. (If you want to learn more about Puckette's work, there is an interesting interview in this catalog.)

[Calligraphers’ tools, storage box, and pen cases from Turkey, Iran, and India. All part of Traces of the Calligrapher organized by the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and Harvard University Art Museums.]

But calligraphy is still on my mind. In August, not too long after When Gold Blossoms closes at the Carlos on July 11,  Traces of the Calligrapher will arrive in Atlanta.  Scissors, burnishers, storage boxes, writing tables, and reed pens will be among the objects that help tell the story of calligraphers working in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Small items show off really well in the museum's intimate galleries so I'm curious to see how the curators place the pieces. The Carlos uploaded a YouTube preview here.

In the meantime,  When Gold Blossoms can be be enjoyed for free on Friday, July 2 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

I'm also still going through fern-filled Décoration et haute couture: Armand Albert Rateau pour Jeanne Lanvin, un autre Art déco, the inspiration behind Malula linen, and continuing to snap pictures of the rare store window or in-store displays designed around a summer woodland theme. (So far just Tiffany and Anthropologie.)

And now the Elliott Puckette talk has put me in the mood to revisit The Royal Tenenbaums and look for her paintings and the old metal garden furniture.


Laura Casey Interiors said...

RT is one of my favorite movies. Thanks for the post with the Aleta sale, I scooped up one of my favorites before it ran out.

Style Court said...

Oh that's great Laura. Glad the timing worked out :)

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

A terrific post Courtney... I must visit all the links
tomorrow in more detail. Thank you ; ) Barbara

Jackson said...

I own the same lithograph pictured leaning against the fireplace. I've loved Elliott Puckette for years and am always excited to see her work in the homes featured in my favorite magazine - Elle Decor. So glad you wrote about her in Style Court.

Unknown said...

oh I love that nursery!!! my kitchen is red and I love it.... red and black, very bistro style {still need to work on some details but I LOVE it}

Style Court said...

Jackson -- I love that piece! That's wonderful. I've been following Elliott for years too. She's on my short list of most favorite contemporary artists.

Thanks for stopping by.

Style Court said...

Thanks Barbara!