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Brigitte Singh Sale and Other Good Things

[Brigitte Singh's Red Hibiscus Branch.]

[Brigitte Singh's Cream Pise Floral.]

If you have any small upholstery projects in mind for the summer -- maybe a bench or footstool -- and you are partial to Mughal-inspired block-printed cotton, check out the current specials over at Aleta Online. Various pieces of Brigitte Singh's exceptional print, Cream Pise Floral, are available (I spotted one remnant on sale for $35) and a larger remnant of my favorite Red Hibiscus Branch (125.2 x 56.7 inches) is discounted to approximately $115. I say approximately because the prices are in UK Pounds and I used a currency converter. Long-time readers have heard me say this before, but Aleta Bartel-Orton is so easy to deal with and her shipping prices to the U.S. are fair. That's why I periodically browse her sale section.

Still haven't attempted to order a book from the far away Calico Museum of Textiles, but aren't the offerings tempting? 

[From the inside of Indian Costumes II.]

Apart from the Calico Museum shop, I did find old copies of Indian Painted and Printed Textiles Volume I, by John Irwin and Margaret Hall here and here.

[All book cover images via the Calico Museum of Textiles.]


BWS said...

Breathtaking fabrics. Did a post on J. Morgan Puett tonight. Do you know her work? Barbara

Style Court said...

Barbara -- surfing over to look...

Karena said...

Beautiful Courtney and I will also check on Pruett's works.

Art by Karena

Anna said...

I love your focus on textiles. Thanks for the link to the Brigitte Singh fabrics. Gorgeous!