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Here Comes the Sun

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It's time to create a pre-summer playlist starting with Here Comes the Sun. Today, I'm in the mood for Nina Simone's version.

Decorative pieces and places, clockwise from the top left:

Lulu DK's new Sunburst fabric.

The pool at the Jay Paley house designed by architect Paul Williams.

Artist and owner of Belvedere, Julia-Carr Bayler, with showroom manager Stephen Tancibok rocking pants made from the Tony Duquette-for-Jim Thompson fabric, Tibetan Sun.

Children's linoleum prints via The Long Thread.

17th-century Japanese lacquer writing box with flowers under the sun, created by Igarashi Doho and part of LACMA's collection -- I wish I'd included the box in this post.

And lastly, from the Freer + Sackler galleries,  a late-17th-century Japanese Kyoto Ware serving bowl in the shape of a sedge hat. These hats were traditionally worn as a form of sun protection.


the long thread said...

Courtney, Thanks for continuing to link to my projects! Hope you're doing well. And love that fabric!

Gwen Driscoll said...

Love this post. Freezing here today and raining so ready for some summer sunshine. Hope you are well. Would love to see you next time I'm in Atlanta.


Barbara Wells Sarudy said...

Courtney, So many surprises at the Freer & Sackler. Something new & amazing each trip. Beautiful bowl.

Style Court said...

Ellen --

Your projects are always great. Looking forward to the book!

Style Court said...

Gwen --

Hope you'll be back soon and during another spell of great weather :)

Style Court said...


Yes! This bowl in particular surprised me. Made me smile.

Thank You For Asking said...

Thank you for the summer inspiration. I love Nina Simone but haven't played her for a while!