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Flower Power III

Today I followed a link to a Birmingham-based magazine, Flower, and discovered a new source for African pottery. New to me, that is.  In a story highlighting containers from far-flung corners of the globe, Flower includes Baule pottery made on the Ivory Coast of Africa and sold in the U.S. through the Museum for African Art. According to the museum's site, proceeds from sales go directly to the women who make the wares.

The simple yet elegant form, utilitarian roots, and earthy patina of the clay vessel above really caught my eye. I'm still enamored with the idea of bringing more African design into my rooms and this collection seems like a great way to do it without jumping on the trend bandwagon. I thought creamy magnolias with shiny green leaves might contrast beautifully with the rich finish of the pots. (A little history of African ceramics here.)

[Pottery image via Museum for African Art.]

[Image via the Michael C. Carlos Museum.]

FYI for anyone visiting Atlanta: Last week after seeing When Gold Blossoms, I wandered into the Carlos' African galleries. The terrific early-20th-century Ivory Coast gold and copper bull that I posted long ago is currently on view.

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Gwen Driscoll said...

These are beautiful. Thanks for the source.

Karena said...

A beautiful combination of the Baule Pottery and the magnolias.

Art by Karena

Laura Casey Interiors said...

It is always great to hear a company where the proceeds go towards helping those who made the goods. Love your flower power posts!

Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

I wanted to stop over and say I have really enjoyed Style Court. I always learn something everytime I check in. Thanks for the visuals and the new knowledge.

Style Court said...

Kevin, I'm so glad you did stop by! Your comment made my night. Thanks.

Style Court said...

Gwen, Laura, Karena,

Appreciate you stopping by too. Have a great weekend.

beachbungalow8 said...

love the,leathery leaf of the magnolia paired with the earthenware.