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A Different Kind of Injection

[©NTPL/John Hammond courtesy of Treaure Hunt.]

Perhaps this is a less controversial type of filler than the kind given by dermatologists. Above, as reported by Treaure Hunt, an antique torchere at Saltram, in Devon, receives a restorative treatment injected into the woodworm holes. A conservator at the workshop of Tankerdale Ltd. administers the shots. Click here for the full story.


Karena said...

I went to Emile's post, fascinating to see the restoration process. Treasure Hunt is a treasure.

Art by Karena

La Maison Fou said...


That is a great way to fill the cracks and spots that time takes away.


Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Wow, who knew!! The image and title of this post got my attention. :) Thanks for the information!

Picture of Elegance Blog said...

Very interesting...thank you for sharing.

Emile de Bruijn said...

Trust you to borrow the scariest image :) But it does grab you, doesn't it: conservation as surgery. See, I am still learning narrative and layout techniques from you!

Style Court said...

I couldn't help myself :) Ads for facial fillers are everywhere in the U.S. and I couldn't shake the comparison. But also I love conservation and was fascinated by the delicate needle!

Unknown said...

LOL! these injections are certainly Hollywood approved. what an interesting idea.
xox alison

a little p.s. - you might enjoy the chandelier DIY post i just did at