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In Stitches

I opened Hali's spring 2010 issue to find a six-page, beautifully illustrated article about the exhibition, Kantha: The Embroidered Quilts of Bengal, on view through July 25 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. While I was curious before, now I'm thinking I need the accompanying catalog for my library.

In Hali, curator Darielle Mason explains that planning and stitching a traditional kantha (an embroidered Indian quilt made from the remnants of old clothes) took months if not a year and the designs were typically composed by one embroiderer. That's where the intrigue comes in. Although classic regional motifs such as the lotus roundel or fruit-and-flower-laden trees are omnipresent in old kanthas, embroiderers were also able to uses stitching as a form of self-expression. So, basically women were sharing stories, or something about their inner world, through their designs.

Update: Picasso and the Avant-Garde in Paris will now remain on view through May 2 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 


Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors said...

This is the best blog...Today, you were just brilliant with your selections. My favorite...Picasso & Francine, walking behind her while on the beach and trying to get her out of the sun. This photo, I may have seen over 50+ times. It always makes me smile. Love your party idea. I think you're idea to spread it over a week is fab. Delightful post.

Style Court said...

Hi Maureen. Thanks! I think the Capa photo is one of the 20th-century's best :)

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

I'm swooning. MUST find that issue. It's never on any newsstands here. xx

Janet said...

Ahhhh...gorgeous! I am hoping to get up to the PMA later this spring.

Unknown said...

That looks like a great exhibit-wish I was closer!

seema said...

looks like a great exhibit... hope to get there!