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[Exhibition of serigraphs by Sister Corita. Photo by Kelsey Frost.]

Think about Pop art serigraphs of the 1960s and Andy Warhol most likely comes to mind. But Corita Kent, an outspoken artist, teacher and Roman Catholic nun better known as Sister Corita, also gained international acclaim for her printmaking during the tumultuous 60s and 70s.

[Sister Corita poster available here.]

[A Sister Corita serigraph with Camus quote found by Coleen Rider, now sold to a philosophy professor.]

[Sister Corita's 1985 Love postage stamp via the Postal Museum.]

Contemporary West Coast women in design who appreciate Sister Corita's work include Molly Luetkemeyer and Coleen Rider.

The April 2010 InStyle happens to feature a nice story about Molly's work for her sister, actress Julie Bowen, so I've been revisiting the interior designer's projects. Although art is nearly always integral to Molly's rooms, she took it to a whole new level when she participated in the Skid Row Housing Trust’s latest endeavor, The New Carver Apartments. Click here to see how she was inspired by Sister Corita. And for more views of Julie's house, click here.

By the way, the Corita Art Center offers a forum of sorts for collectors and maintains the collection of Sister Corita's unsold prints and paintings. Her personal collection of prints went to the Grunwald Center for Graphic Arts at the UCLA Hammer Museum.

[Christmas cards based on paper Corita designed for Neiman Marcus. For sale through the Corita Art Center.]

Also worth a note: MoMA offers a great tutorial about printmaking. Click here to learn more. Related past post: Indiana and Atlanta.

Since I'm already on the topic of women and printmaking, take a look at the latest offerings from Charleston-based Stacey Bradley of PerlaAnne.  In the process of making linocuts, Stacey hand-carves her own linoleum blocks.


Terry said...

We have a pair of modest serigraphs. Your post made me want to find out more about them. Thanks.

Style Court said...

Oh Terry, good. And your comment made me realize that I forgot the MoMA printmaking link. It will be up there soon!

Regina Joi said...

Sister Corita IS the Andy Warhol of the Roman Catholic World...she was reviled by the Male Hierarchy, for She dared to go against the grain with color and messages of Social Injustice. She even once used the Tomato in a description of the Mother of Jesus, Mary - which brought her Infamy. Wonderbread and many other ICONS of American LIFE.

My Aunt was in the same order and School, and with a handful they brought on Vatican Council II...and the order was disbanded.

The messages are forever, the Colors are PURE...and the love of Life comes thru these wonderful pieces. I am glad to see her honored, and I know in Los Angeles amongst the World of Collectors and Designers, SHE has legions of new and young admirers.

Catch her if you can...She is a good investment in the ARTS and in daily LIFE.

The Peak of Chic said...

Those Christmas cards are really something else!