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Just Because It's Interesting

[Francoise Gilot, La Plage, oil on canvas, 28¾ x 23 5/8 inches, 1959, image via Christie's.]

Every year, in anticipation of spring break or summer days, I find some excuse to post this Robert Capa photograph. But to do it one more time feels like a bit much, so instead I'm offering examples of Francoise Gilot's work.

This owl necklace, sold just a few weeks ago at Christie's, was actually a collaboration between Gilot and Picasso in 1948.

It is 15 inches long and includes a suspended carved stone pendant in the form of a colored owl joined to a purple cord with metal, bone and stone beads. The oval shaped pebble clasp has a pink painted detail.

Christie's explains that Picasso and Gilot used Surrealist principles in their design, juxtaposing ornaments that were unexpected at the time. And, as many of you may know, the owl was one of Picasso’s favorite animals. (I have to admit the irregular stone reminds me of Megan's inspired post about sliced agate pendants.)

[The famous owl cover on Goodbye Picasso. Click here for more. Image courtesy Paris Hotel Boutique.]

Above, another painting recently sold by Christie's, Gilot's Autoportrait avec Collier Bleu, a tiny oil on board (7½ x 5½ inches), painted in 1945.

 [Copyright © 2002-2009 Bonhams 1793 Ltd.]

Gilot's abstract composition, an oil on canvas with citrus hues, was sold at auction by Bonhams in 2007.


Janet said...

I can pictre myself...a clean, crisp white linen shirt, owl necklace, sitting under a Gilot composition. What a way to start the summer!

Style Court said...


What a lovely image, especially on such a gray unseasonably drab day!

a. said...

Always a fan of Gilot. And you have not experienced a true character until you've met David Douglas Duncan in person. A real piece of work.

La Maison Fou said...

What a fun & interesting painting.
Thanks for sharing it with us!

This Photographer's Life said...

I see why you keep posting the painting. it's so beautiful! I love the necklace as well.

The Browns said...

what a beautiful posting! those colors and shapes! inspiring indeed!

The Browns said...

what a beautiful posting! those colors and shapes! inspiring indeed!

Ivy Lane said...

The Gilot paintings are wonderful. Thanks for sharing!!!! Happy Friday!

Mélanie said...

Pablo was a fantastic and incredible artist but so was Gilot , shewas so surprising