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Isis Rules

Coleen Rider and Holli Thomas over at B and B have already written about Katie Leede and her Egyptian-inspired fabrics (check it out here) but I couldn't resist visiting the Met and making some connections of my own. Shown here is Leede's Isis, a large-scale printed linen from her Ra Collection.

[Image via Katie Leede.] 

I think the works below show similarities, especially in terms of color and line, between Egyptian art and Katie's fabrics.

A Block from the Sanctuary in the Temple of Mentuhotep II at Deir el-Bahri, Middle Kingdom, ca. 2010–2000 B.C., Gift of Egypt Exploration Fund, 1907,  the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Nany's Funerary Papyrus, Third Intermediate Period, ca. 1040–992 B.C., Rogers Fund, 1930, the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Statuette of Isis and Horus, Macedonian and Ptolemaic Period, 332–30 B.C., Purchase, Joseph Pulitzer Bequest, 1955, the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

[Image via Katie Leede.]

Be sure to take a glance at Digs by Katie, too.

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[Last image via Antiques & Art Exchange.]


Charlotta Ward said...

OMG the Katie Leede fabrics are amazing! Especially the blue one! Would look fantastic on my wall in the hallway.. :)

Thanks for introducing her to me.


Laura Casey Interiors said...

I am digging Digs by Katie and I love her fabrics. Always pointing your readers in the right direction!

Karena said...

Very exciting i will go and visit now!

Art by Karena

Susan said...

I have to say I've always felt like no one really has the same taste as, no one "gets me" taste wise. I eat those words every single time I visit here Courtney!!! You find the most fabulous things. The Isis fabric is incredible. I was tickled to see that she is represented by Holland and Sherry in NYC. When I die I want to be shrouded in yards and yards of Holland & Sherry fabrics.

Keep up the fabulous blogging!

Style Court said...


One of the rewarding things about blogs is getting to connect with others who have the same taste, so I really appreciate your comment!


Happy to spread the news about RA. Thanks for stopping by!

Style Court said...

Laura and Karena,

Glad you liked it too :)