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Coming Soon: Oliver M. Furth Living with Art

[Oliver M. Furth's interior photographed by Rodd Zinberg.]

Please stay tuned for a peek at how interior decorator and young collector Oliver M. Furth lives with art. As a follow up to this post, Oliver is going to share a few details about his Fountain Avenue dining room in West Hollywood. With his background working for Christie's, as well as for designers including the late Greg Jordan, Michael Smith and Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Oliver is a 28-year-old with seriously refined taste. But, as you can see above, refined doesn't have to mean sedate.

In addition to his endeavors covered last week, Oliver also contributes to the online design magazine, Balustrade and Bitters. Recently B & B launched the Balustrade and Bitters Encyclopedia, an interesting resource specifically created for the design and arts industries.  When you have time, it's worth a thorough look. I thought I'd reached my saturation point with new websites -- any site with a networking component -- but the Encyclopedia is brimming with helpful information and, more than ever, really terrific photography. It's fun and informative. (Registration is required but it is free.)


Karena said...

Courtney, really looking forward to this!!
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This is too good!!! loved this post!