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Color and The Clash

 [Photo of Max Humphrey courtesy Instant Space.]

When I asked Instant Space project manager Max Humphrey about the early influences that informed his design sensibility, the memory that came to his mind was the first time he saw pictures of Paul Simonon from The Clash, along with images of other punk rock bands.

[Exhibition catalog cover, Anglomania, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2006.] 

[Pennie Smith's iconic photograph of Paul Simonon smashing his bass guitar. The image appears on the cover of The Clash's album, London Calling. Picture via Amazon.]

This led Max to Vivienne Westwood, tartan, Mod fashion and the dandies of London's Swinging 60s.

[Baird and Armstrong tartans via The Scottish Weaver.]

[Stills from 1960s Swinging London on YouTube.]

He explains, "I realized that I didn't believe colors could clash. And that you could use color in interesting ways -- in non-conventional combinations -- to set yourself apart. I think this applies to interior design too."

[©Patrick Cline, Lonny issue three. For product details visit Lonny.]

Max's aesthetic sits well with his boss, Betsy Burnham. At the core, her rooms are classic but she likes to inject unorthodox mixes, sometimes with a rock-inspired edge.

Burnham's signature British Flag Lamp is available here.

[Betsy Burnham design photographed by Matthew Millman, Western Interiors, August 2008.]


Laura Casey Interiors said...

I like his ides, style and he is the first guy I have seen with a pink tie on that doesn't look like a prepster. love the post.

Style Court said...

Laura -- Great observation about the tie :)

kelly said...

GREAT post. Max has a great sense of style and it was fun to see him featured here... I especially love the album covers and the awesome tartan selections. Very preppy with an edge. He fits right in at Burnham Design. :)

Katty said...

Max is the cutest ever.

little augury said...

As I am reading this, I am sitting in a friends plush posh pad with the Clash London Calling poster just outside in their long narrow foyer with several more iconic images- Nice to know the younger generation gets it. great trail of inspiration visuals

Style Court said...

Gaye! What a terrific coincidence. Even your blog comments are rich with imagery.

Jürgen said...

Great post, i like the music and the style of the 60ties thank you for this regards jürgen

Lizzer said...

Love Max's style. He has given me some great ideas on decorating my place...even so far away (xcountry).


jamieofalltrades said...

Yay plaid! The world needs more plaid.