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All the Trimmings

On his site Tim Clarke offers a crisp Tower 20 Store catalog. (Look for "catalog" in the small menu at the bottom of the homepage.) Much of the upholstered furniture sports unfussy-but-rich details. Take for example the surfer-chic Pipeline sofa.

Here, it is shown in striped linen with tan leather -- the welt, the band at the skirt, and the tab closure are all leather. Whether you are shopping for a chair, ottoman, or sofa, or are just looking for inspiration, this catalog is worth a peek. 

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[All sofa images via the Tower 20 catalog.


Marija said...

This is what I love about blogs - this is such a great find. Tim Clarke is new to me and I could see using his things in a variety of applications - from the lace-back slipper chair to the unique lamps. Love the banding on the white sofa. Great details. Marija

Style Court said...

Marija -- I loved the trim on the white sofa too!

Lacquered Life said...

That leather is so great ... what a cool idea. Amazing find, thanks for sharing!

Style Court said...

LL -- So glad you like the leather! The combo of the stripes and trim reminds me of canvas steamer trunks.

Stacy said...

So cool! Makes me homesick for the beach!

Karena said...

It's all in the details, so true!!

Art by Karena

beachbungalow8 said...

so beachy vintage. The leather detailing reminds me of a vintage piece of luggage paired up with an old vintage beach chair.