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Valentine's Candy

[©Front Design.]

As mentioned in a previous post, the High's decorative arts and design curator, Ron Labaco, had his eye on some pieces from Front Design's innovative Sketch Furniture series. Other Atlantans liked his idea, and last weekend, during the museum's debut Collectors' Evening, patrons voted to acquire Front's round-back chair and table. I thought it would be fun to look at Front's "Changing Vase" inspired by foil wrapped chocolates and exhibited in Tokyo at 21_21 Design Sight 2007. Read more about the vase here. And visit for detailed coverage of the new acquisitions.

Click here for a selection of videos about the four women behind Front Design.


Mrs. Blandings said...

That is unbelievable.

Style Court said...

Patricia, I found a video of their "vase blowing in the wind," but not this one unfortunately. Would love to see more of the process.

CDS said...

that is amazing! thank you for sharing! :)

Amanda Stone Talley said...

I'm so inspired by that! Thank you!

Style Court said...

Thought it might inspire the artists out there!