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Universal Appeal

[Detail view, antique chairs from Ann Koerner.]

Last fall during an episode of Man Shops Globe, Anthropologie's buyer at large, Keith Johnson, said he always knows he has stumbled upon a piece with great lines when people with disparate tastes gravitate to it.

I think Ann Koerner's find, a set of 19th-century bentwood and cane side chairs listed as Thonet, fall in this category. The intertwined semi-circles at the back are less expected, and overall the chairs' lines are clean. With their geometric appeal, these would look equally terrific in an austere loft, a sunny breakfast room, or a multi-layerd traditional dining room. (John Robshaw curtains anyone?)

For details about the chairs, click here. To learn more about Thonet and bentwood furniture, visit the Cooper-Hewitt or click here.

Ann has such a wonderful eye and an appreciation for both the rustic and the refined. This straw bowl is also from her shop.

And by the way, Ann's New Orleans house is featured in Susan Sully's 2009 book, The Southern Cosmopolitan.


La Maison Fou said...

Nice lines and the caning I love.
I must catch these episodes, I never have.

Love the store though, ( both of them) A & UO.


Style Court said...

Leslie, Man Shop Globe was also available through iTunes. Great show!

CDS said...

what a beautiful cane chair!

Anonymous said...

Courtney, Ann's shop is such a treasure trove and a stop not to be missed if visiting New Orleans! I feel like every piece in her shop tells a story. She is such a wonderful person as well. Love those baskets! melissa r.

Karena said...

I want to see this series, fascinating details, great appeal. Thanks for the tip!

The Peak of Chic said...

I think I need to make a trip to New Orleans to see her shop in person. I love that painted floor in the second photo.