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Take a Look Around

[Japanese Shibori Nagoya Obi, circa 1930, tie-dyed silk. Available through Marla Mallett.]

[Japanese Maru Obi, circa 1920, silk. Available through Marla Mallett.]

"Take a look around, see what you like," was the advice Elaine (Frances McDormand) gave young William in Almost Famous.

She was talking about life -- the big picture -- but the words also apply to next week's event, Spotlight on Art. Just a reminder: the Artists Market set up on the campus of Trinity School, 4301 Northside Parkway in Atlanta, will offer 7,500 pieces of regional art, ranging in style from abstract to representational to folk. Admission is free and open to the public, and I've never experienced any pressure to buy (although last year I did happily make a purchase). So the market provides a laid-back environment in which to simply explore contemporary art.

[From a previous post, a detail view of a painting artist Annie Kammerer Butrus sent to Spotlight on Art, 2010. The full piece is 14" x 50" and is from her Peach Tree Trail series.]

See this past post for highlights and more.

[Image courtesy Janet Blyberg.]

If you're snowed in but lucky enough to have power, sites like that of textile collector Marla Mallett offer a seemingly endless array of images and resources.

[Photo by Imogen Brown.]

While this post is supposed to be about browsing not buying, I will say Mallett does have many pieces that would look terrific framed and used in a mix similar to Scout Designs' above.

By the way, don't miss Scout's chair picks. (The leather Butler's chair is screaming out to be in my bedroom.)

And Scout's client, event designer Tara Guerard, just launched her beautifully revamped website. For art enthusiasts seeking inspiration, there's also Apollo magazine.

News flash from design*sponge: the Coralie Bickford-Smith-designed version of Penguin's cloth-bound Emma is finally scheduled to be available in the U.S. in March.

[Emma cover via Amazon. The image of Frances McDormand in the station wagon is a screengrab from Almost Famous.]


Things That Inspire said...

I was there during art receiving this week...there are some amazing pieces of art! Annie Butrus brought three large pieces this year that are stunning.

Style Court said...

TTI -- I can't wait!

Stacy said...

So excited to learn more about the books, the covers are stunning.

Karena said...

Courtney, See my post about one of the very best art auctions in Kansas City!

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

Janet said...

Hurrah! Hurrah! I am so thrilled the next installment of Penguin classics are coming out...

jamieofalltrades said...

One of my favorite scenes in a movie. I love when she turns to Zooey Dechanel and tell her she is "rebellious and ungrateful of my love." I think that line is hilarious!