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Save the Date: A New Bucci Exhibition

[Andrew Bucci Untitled Face (1950s) Watercolor/Paper, 11 x 9 inches. Courtesy Cole Pratt Gallery.]

Thinking about a late spring jaunt to New Orleans? Opening just about when spring turns to summer is a new exhibition of Mississippi-born artist Andrew Bucci's watercolors. From May 30 to June 27, 2010, Cole Pratt Gallery will show Bucci's mid-century "Face" paintings including works not previously seen by the public.

For new readers, here's a little Bucci synopsis from some of my past posts.

[Andrew Bucci, a mid-century figure courtesy Cole Pratt Gallery.]

[Andrew Bucci Untitled Face (1950s) Oil/Paper, 11 x 8.5 inches. Courtesy Cole Pratt Gallery.]

Cole Pratt Gallery director, Erika Olinger, explains that the mid-century era was the heyday for a style of Bucci's work that was abstracted yet still somewhat representational. In later decades his paintings became deconstructed, and great examples of his range can be seen here and here. Many collectors respond to the Fauve-like hues that are ever-present in the 1950s pieces.

[Black-and-White Andrew Bucci's framed in a room decorated by Melissa Rufty.]

In 2009, at age 87, Bucci was chosen to receive the Mississippi governor's Lifetime Achievement Award for the arts. Influences over the years have encompassed Matisse, Japanese woodblock prints, and noted Southern artist and teacher, Marie Hull.

Today his paintings can be seen in museums as well as chic cottages (design blog enthusiasts probably remember the bold Southern guest room done by New Orleans decorator Melissa Rufty with one of his colorful figures, or the Bucci watercolors flanking Gerrie Bremermann's entry hall mirror). Look for more of his work in the following collections:

Smithsonian Archive of American Art
Lauren Rogers Museum of Art
Meridian Museum of Art
Mississippi Museum of Art
New Orleans Museum of Art
The Ogden Museum of Southern Art


A Perfect Gray said...

fantastic. thank you.

The Zhush said...

As a somewhat new reader, I really enjoyed learning about this artist. His work is really beautiful.

Style Court said...

Perfect Gray, Zhush,

Always happy to spread the news on Bucci. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Not a name I knew at all. It says the period for me and the grace of that outstretched arm and hand in the second image-midcentury figure-is to die for.

Southern Aspirations said...

great to hear about New Orleans artist especially at Mardi Gras. Sounds like a great exhibit.

Janet said...

Oh, how I wish I could get down there. But, I will pass this along to a friend, as I am sure she would welcome a respite from the craziness.

Amanda Stone Talley said...

love love love Andrew Bucci's work..great post as usual!