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More on Halsey and McCallum

[William Melton Halsey (1915 - 1999), Search, circa 1971, Collage, paint, glue, canvas and sand on Masonite. Charleston's Gibbes Museum of Art.]

Just came across the Corrie McCallum-William Halsey Foundation page over at Carolina Arts. I still heartily recommend Gibbes Interactions (scroll down and click on the painting titled Search) for a truly dynamic and comprehensive intro to the Charleston-born abstract expressionist, Halsey, but the Foundation page offers additional background. Caroline Cobb's thesis on the painter is posted, and the career of Halsey's wife, Corrie Parker McCallum, is covered too. It's fun to browse examples of her work, including the paintings from the globe-trotting 60s.

Click here to see a Halsey in designer Muffie Faith's dining room.

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