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The World Isn't Flat

[Photo via Gerrie Bremermann and 1stdibs.]

Gerrie Bremermann seems to effortlessly incorporate sculptural pieces into a room, whether it's fine art, an artifact, or something decorative. In her New Orleans shop she has shown a large scale 19th-century Chinese protection diety from a prayer niche placed in front of an antique mirror and then, alternatively, in front of a contemporary painting by Amanda Talley.

[Photos above and below courtesy Amanda Talley.]

But I think I find the tablescapes in Gerrie's own home most inspiring because there are ideas here I can easily copy. Above she has juxtaposed several sculptural elements. With the miniature Pedro Friedeberg hand chairs she has brought in the anatomical and organic while at the same time giving a nod to iconic 20th-century design.

[Andrew Bucci, Human Nature Series, 2000, watercolor and charcoal on paper, 12 x 9 inches, via Cole Pratt Gallery.]

It would be interesting to contrast an anatomical sculpture with one of Andrew Bucci's abstract figures on paper.

[Detail view of a Dan Forer photo of Sam Ewing's bedroom via Southern Accents.]

As Southern Accents described, Sam Ewing once placed an 18th-century bust so that it was reflected in a mirror and served as a counterpoint to a figure drawing across the room.

A chic Atlanta resident I know is also drawn to hands, and I've noticed that Grant Gibson has an affinity for classical busts.

[Photo via Grant Gibson.]


Karena said...

Love these! I am looking for a very wonderful Santos! The bust are also so unique.

Karena said...

Oh and Courtney, I love, love the block prints below, amazing

Amanda Stone Talley said...

I'm forwarding this post to the girls at Bremermann Designs to show Gerrie--she will LOVE the way you seamed this together. You have such a talent for creating a story through pictures!

Style Court said...

Thanks Amanda! Just recently I was showing my mom your pictures of Gerrie's closet and she was so impressed!

Karena, as always, glad you like it :)

LINDA from Each Little World said...

I love the idea of the image reflected in the mirror to relate to something in the foreground. Now that is a person who is seriously attuned to his surroundings! Also suggests to me that I need to add some mirrors at table level.

Anonymous said...

all the vignettes and tablescapes are amazing in these photos. beautiful!

Grant K. Gibson said...

I am "busted"!

home before dark said...

I wish there were a source for female busts of writers, desigers, and other icons. That whole classical bust thing purchased by many on their "grand tours" almost always were men. Just wishing!