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Tuesday Sculpture Sighting

[Detail from photo by Pieter Estersohn for Southern Accents; interior design by Michelle Nussbaumer.]

In case you're just tuning in, this month I'm making an effort to pay more attention to sculptural elements in rooms. (Textiles and paintings have typically been the big focus here.) Shown above and below, decorator Michelle Nussbaumer skillfully juxtaposes human and animal forms with lush hydrangea-filled urns.


Janet said...

I love it! Oddly quirkly in an otherwise rather traditional room.

La Maison Fou said...



Ivy Lane said...

Loved it ... that is until I focused in on the arm! :)... well..may take some getting use to..the urns are lovely!

Karena said...

Wonderful, and very elegant!

Belle said...

I am liking this focus on sculpture - I did not tend to think about how much they can add to a room!