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Color Stories

The book jacket of the day is on a 1958 first edition of Balthazar, available at Paris Hotel Boutique. Love the orange-y red on hot pink.

[Mickey Smith's photograph of lushly colored bound books from her Nature pairing available at 20 x 200.]

[Screengrab from Masterpiece Classic's Emma 2009.]

Are you following Masterpiece Classic's latest adaptation of Emma on PBS? Richer colors that border on the vibrancy of Mickey Smith's photograph at top, and even J.Crew's wrap below, appear in this version. Although the pictures here don't do it justice, Mr. Woodhouse's emerald scarf is a standout.

The colors particularly pop in episode two. Listen to what the filmmakers have to say about the bolder hues here, and see what you think.

Christina Cole, who play's the oh-so-irritating wife of Mr. Elton, wears some of the brighter dresses.

[ J.Crew wrap.]

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This commentary on PBS's Remotely Connected compares Emma with Vermeer's work.


Laura Casey Interiors said...

I watched a bit of it last night and it is wonderful.

Karena said...

I have not watched yet, certainly will, the colors make a huge difference in the experience, don't they!

Janet said...

Isn't it funny how color palettes change over the years? Well, I loved the new series...really stunning.