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Find of the Day

I love how the central band in this small Kuba cloth from Allan Arthur (Bennett Street in Atlanta) vaguely resembles a giraffe's neck. Arthur has a variety of vintage and new pieces priced under $100, including some that might be suitable as upholstery on a petite bench or footstool.

As the Textile Museum explains, cloth made from raffia has traditionally been created by the Kuba people in what is now Zaire, and it is typically decorated using a number of techniques, including embroidery, embroidered pile and appliqué.

I always like to check Jayson Home's inventory for ideas. European-style furniture covered with Kuba cloth can sometimes be found in the "flea" section. The chair above was a past find.

[Photo by Missy McLamb via Little Augury.]

And if you haven't already seen the project, visit Little Augury. to see how her client lives with Kuba cloth.


Jen said...

That chair is supurb! If I found that in a vintage store I'd grab it right up!!


P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

Love love Kuba cloth. No matter when or where they come and go. I can't resist them. Love love Sophie and her Mistress-pgt

Marija said...

I can't say I know much about Kuba cloth but I know Jayson Home well! I couldn't complete a project without them. If you call and tell them what you're looking for or into, they will keep it on their radar while on shopping trips and send you images, etc. Wait, how do I get THAT job?!