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Daily Sights

I'm aware that brief mentions of Providence's windows popped up in two recent posts but I couldn't pass by the freshly cut budding branches arranged in this un-upholstered French-style loveseat. It's just waiting for some beautiful fabric.

Coincidentally, I also spotted the hand-marbled pink Thai paper (try Dick Blick or Binders) tacked temporarily to the back of a secretary for added punch.

Photographer Lacey Terrell's special edition for 20 x 200 was released this afternoon.

As noted yesterday, the photograph is from her offSET series. To learn all about it, click here and then visit Lacey's artist page here.

Related resources: a past post with a great database suggested by Janet Blyberg, a detailed essay, and an antiquarian dealer, The Veatchs Arts of the Book, with rare titles on marbling and papermaking such as the 19th-century book, On Improvements in Marbling the Edges of Books and Paper, and James Sumner's The Mysterious Marbler.

[Last two images via The Veatchs Arts of the Book.]


Terry said...

Yes Providence changed the window, was it today? And pink too. I drive by and spot the new window; and absorb it in little chunks on other drive-bys. I hope for red lights at University so I can take a bit more of it in. A Carmaba Cafe takeout gives me a chance to see it up close. Sometimes I think they change the window just for me.

Style Court said...

Terry -- Yes! The red light is a necessity! Fresh pink indeed :)

Karena said...

Oh the marbling is really divine, you can get lost in it!

Blayne Macauley said...

I love the photo of the chair with the branches! The blue is wonderful.

Lacquered Life said...

Those branches in the settee are wonderful. Almost a Grey Gardens chic aesthetic-the coolness of the blue with the brown of the branches is so great.

Gramercy Home said...

The marbeled paper in the secretary is WONDERFUL! Have you had any luck with your box? I know someone who is great at cartonage (trained in Paris) if you need help - she's done amazing things for me. (I'm not patient enough for that detailed work!)

Style Court said...

Oh GH, thanks for letting me know. I may end up emailing you. I'm still in the experimental stage!