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Daily Comparisons

[Detail view, Anthropologie's Sketched Palette dinner plate.]

I know at times it seems as if everything reminds me of the lahariya turbans in Joss Grahm's 2009 ad for his Waves of Color exhibit at last year's New York Arts of Pacific Asia Show, but I couldn't pass by Anthropologie's new chevron-patterned Sketched Palette dinner plates.

[Anthropologie's Sketched Palette dinner plate.]

See Anthro's February catalog for a pretty outdoor vignette that shows the plates layered. I really like the idea of mixing these with solid pieces of pottery.

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Karena said...

Courtney, I love the Sketched Palette dinner plate, how cool is that!? You find the greatest items!

Style Court said...

Karena -- so glad you like the plate.