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Wednesday's Gift Pairing

While not a scholarly tome like the last few books mentioned, Assouline's To India with Love offers plenty of inspiration. As mentioned earlier the book is like a sumptuous scrapbook filled with personal photographs and remembrances from designers, filmmakers, actors and artists. Although some of the contributors are household names -- Anjelica Huston, Owen Wilson, Tory Burch -- others are less famous, at least outside the art world, so that keeps things interesting. The reading is easy but there's substance in the commentary. Many of the contributors explain what it is about the Indian aesthetic, the landcape, the light and the extraordinary colors that have inspired Western designers and artists for centuries.

The book is a substantial gift all on its own (and proceeds benefit The Taj Public Welfare Trust) but for anyone inclined to pair it with one more treat, how about Wes Anderson's The Darjeeling Limited? Back in 2007, Brilliant Asylum observed that the art direction of this film is so strong, even the custom designed Louis Vuitton luggage could be considered a fourth key character.

Images two and three are from the newly released To India with Love and are posted with permission from Assouline. Images four and five are from Elle and Brilliant Asylum.



I haven't been to India yet, but its on my list! Wonderful inspiration and interesting gift. Cheers!

Chairloom said...

I will be sure to check both of these out. Thank you!!
Molly Worth

Sarih Ham said...

I love the Indian inspired gifts idea! It just might be the perfect gift idea this Christmas to my friend from India. I think she'll love it especially since she is into films filmed in India.


Style Court said...

Glad you all like the idea! Happy holiday shopping.

Brilliant Asylum said...

Loving all of your holiday pairing ideas!

Have you seen Fantastic Mr. Fox yet? Lots more inspiring art direction from Wes Anderson and company.

Style Court said...

Millie -- haven't seen it yet, but glad to know you think it lives up to the praise.