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To Give or To Keep: Under $18

Nancy has been busy decoupaging pots and furniture, and Claudia and Mark have made yards and yards of delicate paper chains. There are winter branches coated with glittering turquoise, tiny sparkling ornaments, live evergreens and inspiring vignettes around each corner. So if you find yourself in Atlanta during the next few days, stop by Providence Antiques on North Highland Avenue and soak in some holiday spirit. I was happy to see the return of Claudia's bulbs in pots. She always finds pots that are just a little more quirky and rustic, and this year she's offering paper white bulbs with moss in the teeniest ones ($8) along with larger containers that hold several bulbs ($16).



Paper chains + Paper Whites = Sweet Winter dreams come to life.

Janet said...

The paperwhites are sweet...I love the moss. Mine are nestled into an old McCoy bulb dish and just about to pop!

Anonymous said...

kind of random but do you know anything about the paining on the cover on the Famous Paintings book? ...artist?
Love your Blog!

Style Court said...

Hi Anon (Heather)

The artist is Francisco Goya and the painting is "Don Manuel Osorio"