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Term of the Day: Chimi Technique

[Photo by Don Tuttle via Hali.]

Hali's winter issue features a nice story by contributing editor Katie Loux that looks at Bolivian textiles. Shown here is one of the dynamic pieces used to illustrate it, an 18th or 19th century Camelid wool Aymara mantle. According to Loux, this example represents a rare form of Aymara weaving characterized by the chimi technique seen in the central pink band. Using the technique, weavers pile different colored yarns together creating a speckled effect; the blending of colors yields a whole new hue for the weaver's repetoire.


Renée Finberg said...

i love learning new things about textiles.
textiles my very first love in design,
and how i ended up in the profession.

i am heading over to the site.
thank you

xx happy new year

Style Court said...

Renee -- all good things for 2010! Cheers.

Karena said...

Very coo! I will check it our right now! I love, love textiles!

Karen and Sara Brown said...

i love these! happy new year! :)

Style Court said...

Karen and Sara,

Happy 2010!

Janet said...

Gosh, that is gorgeous!