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Snow Day

Just some icy images from around the globe. (Click the mix above to see the details.) Clockwise from the top left: Graceland in the snow, photographer temporarily unknown; a Japanese scene from Taschen's Hiroshige: One Hundred Famous Views of Edo; an image from Selvedge, issue 31, part of a story about the history of Swarovski with blossoming branch by Tord Boontje; Photographer William Waldron's sons as seen in Elle Decor, December 2007; Pom-pom snow balls via Anthropologie; David Brenneman, Director of Collections and Exhibitions and Curator of European Art at the High, talks about Camille Pissarro's wet Snowscapes with Cows at Montfoucault painted in 1874. Click here to watch.

Barboursville photographed by Janet Blyberg.

When I asked some friends to share their favorite holiday songs, Elvis' Blue Christmas was mentioned three times. So I was looking through my blog archives, trying to identify the photographer who captured Graceland in the snow. No luck yet, but I did stumble upon a few lines about the house, and the concept of home, that writer Pamela Keogh shared with me a while back. Interesting thoughts to ponder, especially at this time of year:

"At Graceland, there is no chintz, no fringe tassels, no Staffordshire dogs or sisal rugs, no tiresome Colefax and Fowler-esque testament to good taste. No. Graceland is a midnight house. The ultimate bachelor pad. Even Bruce Springsteen once vaulted over the wall and tried to race up the driveway to introduce himself to Elvis. With over 600,000 visitors a year -- second only to the White House -- Graceland is an amazing place to visit... a 70's style phenomenon caught forever in sepia, and a testament to one man's dream.

As a poor boy born in a shotgun shack in Tupelo, MS, Graceland was Presley's dream -- the sign that he had truly 'made it.' Elvis took great pride in his home, decorated it largely on his own (because really, what other straight man would have the courage, or the vision, to conceive of the Jungle Room?), strictly forbid any wives or girlfriends (of which there were many) from touching the place, and hightailed it from the road, or L.A., or wherever he was on tour or making movies, to come back to Memphis. 'Graceland is the one place where I really feel at home,' he said."

Keogh is the author of these biographies...

as well as the bestselling, What Would Audrey Do?

Image above courtesy Keogh and Charlotte Moss.

Update: 9:26 P.M.
This post was put together before
news broke about the seriousness of the snow storms currently hitting the mid-atlantic states. My thoughts are with everyone who may be stranded or without power.


P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

I do like Graceland as a historically valuable place to the music world-& would actually love to see it. as a place to revere for Elvis' decor-not for me. He may have benefited from some help from a wife, gfriend, or designer- Who was decorating in Nashville during the time-that would be a fun project to ponder! My pick is White Christmas-the original my Bing Crosby and fitting today as there is about 5 inches on the ground here and it continues! Gaye

Style Court said...

Gaye --

Graceland's decor is not for me either. Truth be told, I'd never thought much about it until Pamela shared her perspective. Made me remember Jonathan Adler's words that home should make you happy :)

Hope you have that snowy Christmas!

Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors said...

This is truly one of the best post of all...that I have read to date!!
thank you, maureen

Style Court said...

Hi Maureen,

So glad you think so. Pamela is an excellent writer with fascinating experiences to share.

Karena said...

I adore Audrey she is such a style icon!

La Petite Gallery said...

For some reason I never even wanted to see it. Was in the area too.

I have snow here and playing the Christmas song MEL TORME. Fireplace is going and forgot the chestnuts.

Enjoyed the post
happy holiday season.

Janet said...

I would have enjoyed the snow a bit more if I hadn't spent over 6 hours on the phone trying to reschedule my flight home. When I finally got through at 4:00am, it was like a gift...there was a seat available later this week. I am one of the lucky ones. It all reminds me that the important thing is family and friends, and that "I'll be home for Christmas..."

Merry Christmas Courtney!

Style Court said...

Merry Christmas Janet!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Colefax and Fowler said...

Really a nice post.............