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New Masters

Carlos Mota's use of berries shown in the previous post put me in the mood to look for more inspired takes on small edible fruit. That led me back to Emerson Merrick's incredibly beautiful photographs of flower arrangements from Saipua. The one above, with dark berries and flowers spilling over onto a patterned rug, is so reminiscent of a Dutch Old Master still life. But the incorporation of the textile also reminds me of Renaissance artist Carlo Crivelli and the decorative carpets that appear in his work. Click here for a reminder about the new exhibition at Milan's Pinacoteca di Brera that studies connections between real rugs and Crivelli's paintings.

Above, an antique rug characterized by a "Crivelli star," a type of ornament named for the painter. Image via Hali.

[Image at top ©Emerson Merrick]


magnaverde said...

Actually, that second image would make a pretty nifty rug design just as it is.

Style Court said...

Bart, I think so too!

Mrs. Z said...

Gorgeous flowers!

Karena said...

So beautiful! lovely Courtney.

Gramercy Home said...

I love Merrick's photos of the Saipua arrangements - so beautiful. The company's soaps are also to die for!