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Fit to be Tied

Long before I started blogging I was one of textile collector Rebecca Vizard's loyal customers (albeit an extremely small-scale customer) and on occasion I've been lucky enough to receive a holiday present from her. Her choice of gift wrap here really proves, again this year, that the simplest things are often the chicest. I haven't had a chance to ask Becky if her lush bow (actually not a bow but a more minimal tie) was made from super-wide ribbon or a piece of taffeta that she hemmed. If you're stressed out about wrapping paper, just remember all you need is a plain box and something striking tied without fuss.

In Atlanta, look for a wide array of old fashioned gift boxes at Richard's Variety Store. There are two locations: 2347 Peachtree Road in the Peachtree Battle shopping center or 931 Monroe Drive in Midtown. Sam Flax also has great boxes.



I have never noticed the gift boxes at Richard's. Thanks for the tip (because we all know Richard's is much safer than Sam Flax, where both my wallet and I seem to get abducted).

La Maison Fou said...

Love this, so simple yet says " OPEN ME"!!
Love the green too!

Becky Vizard said...

Hi Courtney,
This was the last of a roll of vintage silk ribbon that a stylist friend of mine gave me when he was moving....He sent me a giant box of vintage trims and doodads that I have been dallying with for ages. I hope you will be honored to know it was the last bit of that ribbon in my treasure chest....I wish I had more, but thought you'd appreciate it:)

Style Court said...

I am honored Becky!

Karena said...

Simply beautiful....lucky girl!

Amanda Stone Talley said...

I think I know what she gave you....very FORTUNate!

cotedetexas said...

omg! I think we got the same thing from Becky!!!!!! I'm guessing by the size of the box!