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Another Essential: Furnishing the Eighteenth Century

Have any history buffs and decorative arts enthusiasts on your holiday list? Enfilade, a blog for historians of 18th-century art and architecture, is a great site to browse for book recommendations. Recently while visiting I read Stacey Sloboda's review of Furnishing the Eighteenth Century: What Furniture Can Tell Us about the European and American Past. This book was also highlighted by The New York Public Library blog's Paula Baxter as one of the best fashion and design titles of 2007.

The styles of furniture designed during the 18th century are among the most enduring and continue to influence New Millennium designers, so the book would make a really interesting addition to any design-related library -- especially for a reader who appreciates in-depth essays. Check out the preview here.

Shown second, above, Michael Smith's chair named for 18th-century architect, William Kent. Click here to see furnishings designed by Kent for Houghton Hall.


The Peak of Chic said...

Courtney- You're completely breaking my book budget with all of these terrific suggestions!!!

Mrs. Z said...

What a wonderful book. I LOVE the 18th Century...might have to snap this one up. Thanks for the tip!

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

This looks great too! GT