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Too Big for Santa's Sleigh

The warm, mellow hand-hammered brass and intricate carving drew me in...

but the canopy made me sigh. What a perfect spot for a Samarkand sighting. This vintage Indian bed, currently for sale at Hollywood at Home, is like a slightly more laid-back cousin of dramatic four-posters that we've loved in the past.

John Robshaw's German silver bed used by Michael Smith with Ankasa's embroidered canopy. (Photo by Simon Upton, Elle Decor October 2009.)

Bunny Williams' 1930s bed with exquisitely embroidered Indian headboard (Photo by Pieter Estersohn, Elle Decor.)

The circa 1754 Badminton bed, believed to have been designed by craftsman John Linnell for the Duchess of Beaufort, was inspired by Chinese pagodas not the Indian aesthetic, but it belongs to the club of bold beds that are always the star of any room. You may remember from a past post that Smith designed for a California client a high-impact piece based on the Badminton.

Photo of the Smith bedroom, above, by Michael Mundy, as seen in California Style Magazine. The interior is also featured in Michael Smith Elements of Style. The Badminton bed belongs to the V & A. (Image ©the V & A.)

And then there was the Claydon-esque bed in Mary McDonald's project for the 2003 House Beautiful showhouse benefiting Children's Action Network.

(Image above, Claydon House ©Britain's National Trust.)

Indian flair in Charleston, South Carolina. Amelia Handegan chose a turquoise sari for a traditional Western bed published in Southern Accents.

Handegan's own four-poster photographed by Pieter Estersohn for Southern Accents, 2009.

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Mrs. Blandings said...

Courtney - I just had a good long visit at Hollywood at Home's site this weekend. Any of these beds seem like a haven.

p.s. I searched for what seemed like ever for that Smith image and could never find it. Happy to discover it here.

Style Court said...

Oh good Patricia, glad you found the picture here. That Samarkand canopy is to-die-for. Like the secret lining of a jacket.

Style Court said...

Oh, and did you see those Kashmir Paisley red chairs?


Laura Casey Interiors said...

it's me just swooning over here in Charlotte....gorgeous. Will Mrs. Claus be an accomplice?

Paulette said...

Cue huge gasp when I saw the top bed. Wowee. I mean, why would you need any other furniture if you could live your life from that bed?

Mrs. Blandings said...

So much great red - it's the obelisks that I can't shake. I had sent a friend to Peter as a source then spent forever on the portfolio and the product. A good day.

Unknown said...

How breath taking all of these beds are. You couldn't just select one even with Goldie Locks helping out. It would be tough with a "just right" choice. Beauty and comfort do play a large role with where we trust our dream space to.


Things That Inspire said...

I love this post - it reminds me of my desperate longing for a canopy bed as a child. I had forgotten about that! I begged and begged for a canopy bed all done up in white frilly bed coverings.

I was recently in the home of a house decorated by Jim Howard, and the master bedroom was absolutely the most exquisite room in the house to me - filled with light, with a vaulted ceiling, and the most exquisite four poster bed in iron.
The room has improved since this picture was taken - the frilly curtain on the right was removed, and sheer linen curtains were added to the big window.

Karena said...

Something about the canopy and four poster beds, like a refuge, to climb in for respite and dreaming.

CDS said...

when i grow up I want one of those in my room!

Visual Vamp said...

Nice beds.
Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.
xo xo

Brittany Stiles said...

I'll take one of each! Fun post, I loved each photo. Thanks!