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Thinking Small

After attempting to click my way through 81 pages of bookplates on Etsy, including quite a few that appeared to be inspired by Twilight, I began to think a follow up bookplate post wasn't really necessary. But I still think a set of bookplates is a lovely gift for a baby. Styles available through Etsy range from detailed, whimsical vintage looks like Oiseaux's tiger...

and Fall Into Pink's giraffe...

to simpler graphic designs, such as the silhouettes from Sarah + Abraham.

Some of the plates are designed to be used with archival glue but many are essentially stickers so read the fine print if you're worried about heirloom books.

Fine stationery shops like Thornwillow offer engraved options, and calligrapher Bernard Maisner does beautiful handmade things.

Back to the budget-friendly sets, I think these personal game labels from Ladybug are fun.

I've never met a five-year-old who doesn't enjoy putting stickers on everything.

There are plenty of color choices too. At $9 per tin, the labels would be a great gift from one sibling to another.

Shifting to toys, Nickey Kehoe carries the hand-knit Kenana Knitter Critters. The panda is pretty terrific. To see the entire menagerie, surf over to the shop and click on "accessories."


Blayne Macauley said...

I love the one of the girl on the swing! What a great idea for a gift.

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Lots of great kids ideas, thanks. good things come in small packages.

Grant K. Gibson said...

oooo oooo!
What a great idea...and now I too have been on etsy for WAY too long.
I found this and it can be personalized! Perfect little gift for my godson!

Style Court said...

Oh Grant, so glad you found the tiger print!

Laura, Blayne, glad you see things you like too. Thanks for stopping by.

Laura said...

What a lovely idea! I'd been in the habit of getting actual books as gifts for children but the idea of labels as well is wonderful!

Amy Malinsky said...

I haven't thought about bookplates in so long! I used to have a bear holding a balloon!
Thanks for the trip down memory lane :)