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Paper or Fabric?

Waste not want not. Selvedge suggests wrapping this season's presents in fabric: handkerchiefs or scarves that become part of the gift, or pretty remnants that happen to be on hand.

Online step-by-step instructions show how to make tidy packages using one continuous piece of fabric. No ribbon or string is used, and objects of various shapes and sizes are covered.

It would be fun to wrap scarlet fabric around Amy Butler Greenfield's celebrated A Perfect Red, the book about the infamous and once extremely valuable red dye, cochineal.

Photo of freshly dyed red fabric by David Greenfield. Visit Amy Butler Greenfield's site to learn more.

Silk scarf at top is from Hermes; images two and three via Selvedge; rouge yarn-dyed fabric via Les Indiennes.


Laura Casey Interiors said...

Great post- I would love to get a cardboard box wrapped in a Hermes scarf! I think I am using discontinued wallpaper books with fun ribbons this year.

Style Court said...

Laura -- Love wallpaper as wrap! Can't wait to see.

Dreams of Perfection said...

What a great idea. I have seen some beautiful silk scarves in the thrift stores and wished I could use them. Now I will have to go back and snatch them up!

Catherine Nolin said...

This is a wonderful idea. So simple and elegant and green!
I also use pretty stamps on brown paper bags and then use them to wrap. Catherine

Lucindaville said...

I love biographies of "colors" and Amy Greenfield's is one of my favorites.

Southern Aspirations said...

lovely idea and that first scarf is droolworthy (I think I knew it had to be Hermes before I read it).

Laura said...

Fabulous idea...around the holidays I always start trolling around for new wrapping ideas. I love the concept of the continuous fabric...sort of reminiscent of a master woodworker or something. And my lord, that book sounds fascinating! That I may have to buy for myself.